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You'll enjoy the structure, knowledge, bestie-vibes and unbiased help to guide and support you through your wedding planning journey. We get it, you have a budget, opinions coming from all the people, DIY tendencies  - and that's okay!

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Zilla is your happy medium between hiring a full-service planner and doing it all DIY.



Deciding to do a 600 guest double wedding alongside my sister - Nicole was able corral all the opinions and dynamics. How she got 2 brides and 2 grooms to make decisions, I'm in awe.


Nicole is a joy! She made the wedding planning process so much fun and engaging. With a demanding day job, it was so nice to have Nicole provide structure in an approachable way.  Thank you!


With all the decisions that go into a wedding, I looked to Nicole for clarity and focus. My fiance' and I wanted a small wedding, that was still thoughtful and memorable. Nicole helped that become a reality.


Nicole was my virtual cheerleader! With close family not being in the same city, Nicole helped me make sense of it all and allowed me all the vent sessions I wanted.

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I’m a Portland, OR native, wedding coach + coordinator, fashionista novice, travel-lover and momma of two lil's.  Guilty pleasures: reality TV, gummy candy, and pretty packaging. 

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